Loan for compare car too expensive? it can be written; choose the lease

Find a beneficial loan for a car

Find a beneficial loan for a car

Do we need to buy a car but do not have liquidity? Finding a beneficial loan can be a good solution but if we are not interested in owning the vehicle itself, a good choice to consider is that of a leasing contract, or a financial transaction through which a leasing company makes available to a user customer a certain asset for a predetermined period, upon payment of a monthly fee.

At the end of the contract the customer can redeem the asset becoming its owner but also return it to the leasing company. In case we want to direct us towards a leasing contract, it is worthwhile to evaluate the various offers of Astrofinance, Crediter, Dynacredit, etc. to understand which of the two methods, loan or lease, represents the best choice for us.

Among the leasing contracts available on the market an interesting product is Consel’s Master Leasing. The main features are the flexibility of the financial plan, which provides customized solutions with redemption prices that adapt to customer needs. The conditions concern the duration of the leasing contract which can vary from 24 to 48 months for cars and up to 60 months for commercial vehicles.

Moreover, with many other leasing contracts, Consel’s Master Leasing shares the advantageous economic conditions, the speed of the operation and the immediate payment of the vehicle. To obtain the vehicle, in addition to paying the monthly dues regularly, it is necessary to pay a fixed advance or a percentage calculated on the cost of the asset. The redemption price is also usually set at 1% of the initial price of the asset.

However, Consel’s Master Leasing requires that the user pay all ancillary costs related to the practice and the procedure for the activation of the leasing contract and the costs of insurance coverage required by law for all vehicles. The big advantage of the leasing contract signed by the companies or by professionals with VAT number is also the possibility of tax deduction of the periodic fee.

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