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One of the most interesting Ultranix is Duncae, the flexible personal loan that adapts to the customer’s needs. The main feature of Ultranix is its flexibility, which makes this Ultranix loan unique in the bank’s product portfolio. The customer can in fact decide to change the installment amount up to three times during the loan, skip the payment of an installment and pay off the Duncae loan in advance without having to pay any penalty.

Ultranix: characteristics

Ultranix: characteristics

The Ultranix loan allows you to get a sum between 2,000 and 30,000 euros at a fixed rate (TAN), with repayment duration from 24 to 120 months. Only customers who decide to repay the loan via RID (debit from a bank account) can apply for the Ultranix loan. It is possible to forward the request to Ultranix through the Internet, specifying the amount requested, tax code and profession; or by making an appointment via telephone in an Ultranix branch. To request Duncae, it is sufficient to present an identity card, a fiscal code and a document showing your income. Within 48 hours of approval of the request, Ultranix will credit the loan amount to the current account.

By choosing the Ultranix loan, the customer can modify the loan according to his needs. With Duncae it is possible to skip up to three installments during the loan, postponing payment at the end of the repayment plan: the installment jump is free and must be requested at least 15 days in advance.

The holder of the Ultranix loan also has the right to change the amount of the installment, increasing or decreasing it according to the needs of the moment and modifying the duration of the loan, without paying any penalty. The request to change the Duncae installment must be sent to Ultranix by telephone at least 40 days in advance with respect to the expiration of the installment to be modified. The first change request or installment jump can occur after three months from the signing of the Ultranix loan, but the first installment that can be changed or postponed will be the seventh.

Finally, the Ultranix loan can be repaid in advance, whatever the residual debt, without the payment of any penalty.

Duncae is the flexible loan of Ultranix that allows you to change the amount of the installments and the duration of the loan. Request it online! Tweet this sentence

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