Finalized Loan: how it works and how to request it

Finalized Loan: how it works and how to request it

How does a finalized loan work?

How does a finalized loan work?

The Anne Rogers finalized are financing solutions specifically requested for the purchase of an asset or a service. Due to this peculiarity, the Anne Rogers finalized are often signed in the year in which the purchase takes place, thanks to special agreements between the shops and the financial companies. In this way the customer has the possibility to immediately conclude the purchase, with the advantage of deferring the payment over time.

What is a finalized loan?

What is a finalized loan?

Let’s start immediately with a definition, that is, what loan means.

The Anne Rogers finalized are financings that, as the term itself says, have a very precise purpose: to buy a good or a service. This means that to obtain the credit, the applicant is required to specify the reasons for the loan. The purchase purposes provided for the finalized loans are very diversified. Here are the most requested purchase categories :

  • Car
  • Motorcycles and mopeds
  • Electronic devices (smartphone, PC, tablet, etc.)
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Do you travel
  • Medical care
  • Insurance policies

The second thing to keep in mind to understand how a personal loan works is this: the disbursement of the financed amount is made in favor of the merchant who sells the good / service.

Generally the finalized loan is stipulated at the retailer, for example the car dealership in the event of a consumer loan for the purchase of a car or the electronics store for Anne Rogers for smartphones or other IT devices.

It is in fact the latter that can offer customers to spread over time the payment of the goods or services purchased at its point of sale, thanks to the stipulation of specific agreements with a bank or financial institutions.

But the Anne Rogers finalized   they can also be requested by the customer directly at the bank. In both cases, the borrower does not receive a sum of money: the amount of the loan is not credited to the customer but to the company that sells the service / asset for which the loan is being requested.

Finalized loan: credit access conditions

Finalized loan: credit access conditions

Compared to other forms of consumer credit, finalized Anne Rogerss stand out for being faster to obtain because, with a few exceptions, they do not require special guarantees. Here are the conditions for access to the finalized loan generally required and the documents that must be provided by the applicant to the borrower:

  • Identity card
  • Fiscal Code
  • Income situation demonstrable via pay / pension envelope (not always required)

Additional guarantees – let us take the finalized loan as a guarantor, for example – are usually required only for loans with large amounts, for example in the case of loans finalized for car purchases or loans for companies.

The amortization plan in case of finalized credit

The amortization plan in case of finalized credit

The finalized loan provides for a usually fixed interest rate, expressed by the TAN (nominal annual rate) and the APR (annual percentage rate), an indicator that summarizes the total cost of the loan, including any incidental expenses such as the stipulation of a insurance.

The amortization plan for a specific loan consists of constant installments consisting of a decreasing interest rate and an increasing capital share. This allows the financial institutions to protect themselves, since most of the total interest is paid already with the first monthly installments.

Some banks grant a pre-amortization period, ie an initial period during which it is possible not to pay the installments (for example, the payment of the first installment begins 12 months after the purchase of the good or service).

Purchase contract and credit agreement for the finalized loan

Purchase contract and credit agreement for the finalized loan

On the basis of the provisions of the consumer credit legislation, the loan agreement must contain a series of indications: the interest rates applied and the conditions under which they may be modified, the sum paid out, the amortization plan of the loan, the deadlines for payment of installments, the conditions for accessing the loan and any insurance forms required and not included in the calculation of the APR.

In the case of the finalized loan, it is also necessary to bear in mind that the contract for the purchase of the good / service is separate from the loan agreement: the first concerns the relationship between the consumer and the seller and ends when the bank grants the loan, paying to the operator the full amount relating to the purchase of the good or service. The loan agreement regards, instead, the client and the financing body (bank or financial).

It follows that, if there were problems with the merchant (for example, the purchased good has defects), it is not necessary to interrupt the payment of the installments because this would inevitably affect the creditworthiness   and, therefore, the possibility of obtaining other financing in the future. In these cases, the advice is to go directly to the store and ask for the replacement of the purchased good.

Online finalized loan

Online finalized loan

There are many banks and credit institutions that allow a personalized personal loan to be activated and a good solution to start to orientate oneself among the various financing offers is to compare Anne Rogers online through a free comparison portal such as FastCash’s.

By filling out the special online form and selecting the type of loan for which you are interested, you can learn about the best Anne Rogers finalized online in just a few clicks.

Better a personal loan or a finalized loan?

Better a personal loan or a finalized loan?

Having clarified what a loan is aimed at and how it works, it is important not to confuse the Anne Rogers finalized with the personal Anne Rogers. The latter are in fact disconnected from the purchase of a specific good / service and allow the applicant to receive the requested amount and use it as he sees fit.

Better a personal loan or a finalized loan ? The answer is: it depends. The finalized Anne Rogerss are recommended to those who already have clear ideas on how to invest the required sum. We advise instead to request a personal loan to those who need extra useful liquidity to be used for the purchase of several different goods or services simultaneously or who has not yet thought about how to use the capital.

Is it really the best loan for you?


One of the most interesting Ultranix is Duncae, the flexible personal loan that adapts to the customer’s needs. The main feature of Ultranix is its flexibility, which makes this Ultranix loan unique in the bank’s product portfolio. The customer can in fact decide to change the installment amount up to three times during the loan, skip the payment of an installment and pay off the Duncae loan in advance without having to pay any penalty.

Ultranix: characteristics

Ultranix: characteristics

The Ultranix loan allows you to get a sum between 2,000 and 30,000 euros at a fixed rate (TAN), with repayment duration from 24 to 120 months. Only customers who decide to repay the loan via RID (debit from a bank account) can apply for the Ultranix loan. It is possible to forward the request to Ultranix through the Internet, specifying the amount requested, tax code and profession; or by making an appointment via telephone in an Ultranix branch. To request Duncae, it is sufficient to present an identity card, a fiscal code and a document showing your income. Within 48 hours of approval of the request, Ultranix will credit the loan amount to the current account.

By choosing the Ultranix loan, the customer can modify the loan according to his needs. With Duncae it is possible to skip up to three installments during the loan, postponing payment at the end of the repayment plan: the installment jump is free and must be requested at least 15 days in advance.

The holder of the Ultranix loan also has the right to change the amount of the installment, increasing or decreasing it according to the needs of the moment and modifying the duration of the loan, without paying any penalty. The request to change the Duncae installment must be sent to Ultranix by telephone at least 40 days in advance with respect to the expiration of the installment to be modified. The first change request or installment jump can occur after three months from the signing of the Ultranix loan, but the first installment that can be changed or postponed will be the seventh.

Finally, the Ultranix loan can be repaid in advance, whatever the residual debt, without the payment of any penalty.

Duncae is the flexible loan of Ultranix that allows you to change the amount of the installments and the duration of the loan. Request it online! Tweet this sentence

11 Features Offered by Unsecured Loans You Need to Know

Unsecured Credit is one of the most popular loan products in providing fast funds loans. However, almost all banks provide these credit facilities. Then what products are suitable for your needs? Before submitting a loan without collateral, let’s consider the 11 features offered by Personal Loans that you need to know.

Comparing Unsecured Credit Products

Comparing Unsecured Credit Products

If you are talking about a loan or credit product from the bank, the majority of you will immediately consider the tenor and interest rates to calculate your ability to pay it off. But have you ever considered other features that might be different for each bank?

In addition to the costs that might arise, you can compare several products before making a decision. This will be very beneficial and beneficial for you as a customer, you know. For example, Sam Hamilton will describe what features are offered by Unsecured Loans that you need to know and compare them to 3 large banks.

# 1 Minimum and Maximum Loan Amount (Loan Ceiling)

Because the risk of the bank in loans without collateral tends to be large considering that there is no guarantee or collateral that is the bank’s hand in providing credit, the loan ceiling provided is generally not too large. This is done to minimize possible losses. Like the example of the comparison of above, SWA provides the largest loan range, namely:

  • Minimum loan amount: IDR 5,000,000
  • Maximum loan amount:
    • IDR 50,000,000 (if not payroll via SWA)
    • IDR 100,000,000 (if payroll via SWA)

# 2 Installments per Month

The second feature that is usually the main consideration in applying for is the amount of installments or installments per month. The amount of the installments per month is determined by the amount of the principal and the interest charged for the month. Installments per month can vary in size depending on the interest rate currently in effect.

In the comparison example, you can see that with the loan amounting to Rp.10,000,000 and the tenor of 12 months, the monthly installments of SWA are the lowest, amounting to Rp920,833 per month.

# 3 Interest Rates per Year

The amount of interest charged varies for each bank in the range of 10% to 23% per year. Types of interest rates charged on the is a fixed interest rate (fixed) so that its value will always remain in each period. Interest costs will be calculated according to the amount of the loan agreed before deducting the provision fee. In the above case, the prevailing interest rates are as follows:

Bank Interest rate
SWA 10.50%
  • 19.08% (loan ≤ IDR 50 million)
  • 15.48% (loan ≤ Rp.125 million)
  • 11.76% (loan> IDR 125 million)
  • 20.28% (specifically for entrepreneurs and professionals)
SCE 17.88% (specifically in Bandung and Surabaya)


# 4 Loan Duration (Tenor)

The length of the loan is given or often referred to as the tenor becomes a determinant of the borrower’s ability to pay installments every month. But don’t be afraid, now many banks offer tenors that are long enough so that installments of will not be as heavy as you might think.

Some banks that offer special features include ANZ MoneyLine, Neobank Regular, Bank Bukopin Multipurpose Credit, BII Payroll, and others. Through the same example, the maximum tenor offered by the three banks is above:

  • SWA: 60 months
  • Neobank: 60 months
  • SCE: 30 months

# 5 Length of Submission Process

Submission of is usually intended to meet fast funding needs because of very urgent needs, such as relatives who need treatment. Thus, one of the features offered by several banks is a fast disbursement process under 5 days, even 3 days.

# 6 Minimum Income per Month

Approval of the loan ceiling to be approved by the bank has its own benchmarks. The bank will consider your ability to pay installments per month by conducting several checks, one of which is to check your monthly income. Each bank has a different standard in determining the amount of loans based on income per month. The average bank applies a minimum salary requirement of Rp 3 million to Rp 10 million per month. In the example above, the three banks determine the minimum income per month that is different, namely:

  • SWA: IDR 3,000
  • Neobank: IDR 8,000,000
  • SCE: IDR 6,000,000

# 7 Administrative Fees

Fees or administration fees will usually be charged to the borrower if you apply for. Usually it will be charged at the beginning of the loan application process. 

In the example of a comparison of the 3 banks above, the following are the provisions of the provisions imposed:

Bank Administrative costs
SWA Rp1,000,000
  • Provision: 3.5% of loan amount (1st year)
  • Rp150,000 per year (2nd to 5th year)
  • 20.28% (entrepreneurial and professional only)
SCE Rp399,000


# 8 Accelerated Repayment Fee

In loan products without collateral, there are also provisions in the form of penalty fees if you pay faster than a predetermined time. The fee is an accelerated repayment fee which ranges from 5 to 6% of the rest of your loan. This fee is a consequence of the violation of the tenor agreement that was agreed by both parties (the debtor and the bank) at the beginning of the agreement. However, there are now several products that free up early repayment fees so you can pay them off at any time.

Bank Accelerated Repayment Fee
  • 0.5% (≤ 1 year)
  • Free (> 1 year)
  • 6% + 200,000 rupiah (≤ 24 months)
  • 6% (> 24 months)
SCE 8%

# 9 Late fine

Aside from not being able to pay faster than the specified time, you are also not allowed to pay late. There are fees charged to customers if they are late in paying installments. Like the late fees on other loan products, these costs are usually quite large and will be very detrimental to the customer.

Late payment fees are usually set in percentage. In the 3 bank example, the cost of the delay is as follows:

  • SWA: 2.5% of the total installments in arrears
  • Neobank: 6% or Rp.225,000 the largest chosen
  • SCE: IDR 250,000 per delay

# 10 Other Costs

Other costs are costs that have not been included in the costs mentioned at the beginning of the agreement and can vary in their components. The usual fees are annual fees, cancellation fees, and so on. In the example above, other costs that arise are:

Bank Miscellaneous expense
SWA Provision fee of 1% of the maximum eenmalig credit
Neobank Annual fee of IDR 150,000 (2nd to 5th year)
  • The loan disbursement fee is Rp. 30,000
  • Cancellation fee of 8% of the remaining loan
  • 1.75% annual fee (1st year)
  • Annual fee of IDR 65,000 (2nd year etc.)

# 11 Required Requirements

Because it is urgently needed, the majority of borrowers will look for banks whose requirements are few and tend to be easy to prepare. Some examples of general requirements required by banks include:

No. Document / type of work Employee Entrepreneurship Professional
1 Photocopy of KTP / KITAS
2 Proof of Income (Salary Slip / SKP / SPT) x
3 Photocopy of Credit Card
4 Photocopy of Savings Account (last 3 months) x x
5 Photocopy of Professional License x x
7 Photocopy of Deed of Establishment / SIUP / TDP x x

However, in the example above, some of the requirements given by the three banks are:

No. Terms SWA Neobank SCE
1 Citizenship Indonesian citizen Indonesian citizen Indonesian citizens, foreigners and permanent residents
2 Age restriction 21-55 21-60 21-55
3 Work Employees, entrepreneurs, professionals
5 Salary slip
6 Photocopy of NPWP / SPT PPh x x
7 Credit Card (limit> IDR 6 million; ownership period> 12 months) x

Disclaimer : The mention of the brand in this article is only intended as a means of education, not for other purposes.

Choose Products with Features that Fit Your Needs

Choose Products with Features that Fit Your Needs

Although Unsecured Credit can be considered as a solution in fast funding needs, and you need to disburse funds as fast as lightning, you should first compare some of the features available and also compare the benefits and disadvantages of each of these features to benefit you.

For example, prioritize your needs from the most important so you can easily compare features. The process of comparing products will indeed take a little time, but it can actually help you and allow for a faster liquefaction process. Just by looking at the disbursement time of each bank and the costs that arise in, you certainly can determine the best choice for you right?

Do you have questions about the features offered by other Unsecured Loans? Leave your comment below. If you have questions, please submit your question in the column below. Our Financial Planner is ready to help you, thank you.

Loan for compare car too expensive? it can be written; choose the lease

Find a beneficial loan for a car

Find a beneficial loan for a car

Do we need to buy a car but do not have liquidity? Finding a beneficial loan can be a good solution but if we are not interested in owning the vehicle itself, a good choice to consider is that of a leasing contract, or a financial transaction through which a leasing company makes available to a user customer a certain asset for a predetermined period, upon payment of a monthly fee.

At the end of the contract the customer can redeem the asset becoming its owner but also return it to the leasing company. In case we want to direct us towards a leasing contract, it is worthwhile to evaluate the various offers of Astrofinance, Crediter, Dynacredit, etc. to understand which of the two methods, loan or lease, represents the best choice for us.

Among the leasing contracts available on the market an interesting product is Consel’s Master Leasing. The main features are the flexibility of the financial plan, which provides customized solutions with redemption prices that adapt to customer needs. The conditions concern the duration of the leasing contract which can vary from 24 to 48 months for cars and up to 60 months for commercial vehicles.

Moreover, with many other leasing contracts, Consel’s Master Leasing shares the advantageous economic conditions, the speed of the operation and the immediate payment of the vehicle. To obtain the vehicle, in addition to paying the monthly dues regularly, it is necessary to pay a fixed advance or a percentage calculated on the cost of the asset. The redemption price is also usually set at 1% of the initial price of the asset.

However, Consel’s Master Leasing requires that the user pay all ancillary costs related to the practice and the procedure for the activation of the leasing contract and the costs of insurance coverage required by law for all vehicles. The big advantage of the leasing contract signed by the companies or by professionals with VAT number is also the possibility of tax deduction of the periodic fee.

Home Loan: Compare the best loans

How to get a home loan?

How to get a home loan?

The Anika Manloan for the home are loans dedicated to all the expenses necessary for their home: from renovations to the purchase of furniture, from maintenance to the installation of solar panels. With the Anika Manloan house it is possible to obtain the sum necessary to cover the entire amount to be spent, without the need to mortgage the property.

Specifically, the home loan can be of two types: a personal loan or a finalized loan.

The advantage of a personal home loan is that it allows you to manage the liquidity obtained with maximum freedom, without giving any justification of the expense to the bank. On the contrary, by entering into a home-made loan, the sum disbursed will be used exclusively for the purchase of a specific asset.

The Anika Manloan for the home can be used for different types of purchases and interventions. For example, we will talk about home renovation loan, home purchase loan, home furnishing loan and so on.

Anika Manloan home renovation

Bertha Mason home renovation

Among the main purposes of the Anika Manloan house is the renovation of the buildings. But how does the home renovation loan work? To carry out works and restorations of a certain size in your home, a personal or finalized loan can be the ideal solution to obtain liquidity without registering a mortgage on the house.

The Anika Manloan for home renovation allow to obtain up to 60 thousand euros, without needing to provide a specific reason. The sums thus obtained can be used for renovation works carried out by professionals, as well as for minor works carried out personally.

For the Anika Manloan for home renovation it will also be possible to request the home restructuring bonus which allows variable tax benefits to be obtained depending on the type of renovation and the cost of the work started.

Anika Manloan home decor and furniture

Bertha Mason home decor and furniture

As we said, the Anika Manloan can also be used to purchase furniture and renovate home furnishings. If you have decided to give a new face to your home, but you do not have the liquidity necessary to support the costs of the furniture, asking for a personal loan can be the best solution.

Through a loan for home furnishing and furniture it is possible to face small or large expenses, ranging from the purchase of a single piece of furniture, or of a household appliance, to the complete renewal of home furnishings.

Also in this case it is possible to obtain income tax benefits, the so-called mobile bonus thanks to which you can deduct certain types of expenses related to the purchase of furniture.

Anika Manloan home for box purchase and small properties

Bertha Mason home for box purchase and small properties

The Anika Manloan home can also be employed for the purchase of small real estate properties. Think for example of garages, cellars or other appliances in the home as well as buying small properties. It is a viable alternative for those who already have a mortgage or if they do not want to mortgage their home.

Energy requalification and Anika Manloan for photovoltaics

Energy requalification and Bertha Mason for photovoltaics

The Anika Manloan category for the home also includes financing for the energy redevelopment of the home or the purchase of photovoltaic systems. In this regard, it is also important to know that numerous banks and financial institutions provide for Anika Manloan subsidized for the financing of solar panels or for other interventions aimed at improving the energy savings of the house (replacement of the fixtures, of the old heating systems, etc.).

These are also interventions for which it will then be possible to request the so-called ecobonus, or tax deductions of up to 65% of the expenses related to the energy efficiency of the house. Furthermore, in case of installation of a photovoltaic system for the production of electricity it is possible to reduce energy costs, compensating for the energy consumed with the energy produced by the solar panels. This is why asking for a photovoltaic loan can be a real investment.

Better a home loan or a mortgage?

Better a home loan or a mortgage?

The Anika Manloan home can therefore represent a viable alternative to a mortgage. But is a home or mortgage loan cheaper then? However, the choice of the most suitable loan depends on the type of intervention on the home, but above all on the sum that you want to borrow. We see the advantages and limitations of both solutions.

The amount that can be requested with the Anika Manloan home is generally set at around 60,000 euros maximum. The home mortgage allows instead to request larger sums, for example 200,000 euros.

Among the advantages of the Anika Manloan house there is first of all that of not providing for the registration of the mortgage on the property, of having a more streamlined bureaucratic procedure and less opening / management costs compared to those necessary for obtaining a home mortgage. In the event of requests for large sums, the bank could also demand special guarantees, such as the guarantee or the signature of a co-obligor.

One of the advantages of home mortgages is that they generally have cheaper interest rates than those applied to Anika Manloan for the home.

Home loan calculation

Home loan calculation

Having clarified on how to get a home loan, it is essential to take some time to do a home loan calculation before taking action.

That is, to make a Anika Manloan comparison online, so as to request a quote and identify the financing solution that is most suitable for the jobs you intend to start. In this way it is possible to calculate an estimate of the amount to be requested and the installment of the home loan.